Tribute to our Founder,

Rabbi Dr. Bernard Lander Z”L

Rabbi Dr. Bernard Lander Z”L

KT Estates was first conceived as a Torah community in upstate New York in the late 1990’s. Rabbi Dr. Bernard Lander Z”L was passionately committed to the realization of his dream to build a thriving, affordable community for B’nai Torah. Nearly 25 years later, his son, Rabbi Doniel Lander Shlit”a, actualized his father’s vision with the establishment and groundbreaking of KT Estates in Naugatuck, Connecticut.

In the inspiring video below, Rabbi Doniel Lander outlines his father’s vision which provided the blueprint and impetus for KT Estates.

KT Estates is grateful to Touro President, Dr. Alan Kadish, who has lent his gracious and generous support to make this historic endeavor a reality. The Torah community is especially fortunate that Touro, under Dr. Kadish’s leadership, is carrying forth the dream and legacy of Rabbi Dr. Bernard Lander Z”L to the next generation.