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The KTE Community

KT Estates is a new, flourishing, suburban community with proximity to major metropolitan areas. It boasts beautiful homes near a Mesivta (high school), a Kollel (faculty learning and housing facilities) and a host of other amenities that are considered central for a frum-friendly and vibrant Jewish life. While rural and gated, KT Estates is a short commute to major surrounding cities and relatively close to Jewish communities in the Metropolitan New York area.

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The Community

Why Us?



A self-contained, flourishing, frum-friendly community, close to major centers of Jewish life and to major metropolitan areas



Spacious single-family houses and townhomes in picturesque suburban Connecticut



Perfect for YOUR lifestyle, with Yeshivas, Kollel, Shuls, Mikva, kosher minimart, all within a private gated community

Kollel Sifsei Dov and
Mesivta Yesodei HaTorah

The Kollel and the Mesivta are the beating heart of KT Estates’ gated community.

For details about the Kollel, the Mesivta and to view an inspiring video of the Mesivta Open House, click the link below.

The Homes

At KT Estates

There are four different home designs at KT Estates, each with its own amenities, charm, and style. The images below offer a flavor of what is possible.


True Center Hall design

2,360 SF


Side Hall design

2,887 SF


True Center Hall design

3,178 SF


Modified CH design

3,288 SF

For a full view and description of the homes at KT Estates as well as a property map showing available lots, click below